ÉCLAT 48×60

Éclat / 48x60" acrylic on canvas / 2015

Éclat / 48×60″ acrylic on canvas / 2015

And then he asked: “chocolates  or caviar?”
She laughed… “Remember you asked me that many times.. you inspire..”
Words faint into distance.
Sunshine is taking all of me. I see a field of blooming daffodils and I’m trying to cross their path and gather this shower of images, just to be sure they don’t walk out of me.
So much of life I see… what an exhibition. Blending Poetry and humor with my bag of tricks.. and velvet gloves.
I paint what I feel and it’s up to the viewer to translate me.
Please, take the little red heart and give it to a baby pink cloud.. :)

SOPHIAFINE  modern art