Hello? This is sophi.

I am a dream collector..  all kinds of dreams, and one by one escape from dream to reality creating their utopian and the tangible, embossing my canvas with an eternal life. I want to make beautiful paintings. I expect my paintings to be strong and surprising. When my painting knocks me off my feet I say: ‘How could did I do that? How did I dare?’  That’s beauty.

My paintings they’re full of events, with lots happening left, right and centre, and no sense of unity. Things push against each other and pull each other slightly apart, explosive as in a burst or the arrival of a fiery red comet on earth.. energy that is completely appealing to me .

Whether they’re good or not my paintings maintain themselves without excuses. No magic, no science, no excuses. All standing “naked” In front of the viewer.  What a heavenly ensemble: Art- artist- viewer- Eternity!

My heart beets, my eyes see, in my soul is only art..

.. dare you to keep looking!

stance detail