Brimmed Tumbleweed 48×60

Brimmed Tumbleweed

He hung his hat up high and ran for the kiss. Sunset, day gone, the mountain drank the sunrays one-by-one .. I felt the light , the color, the warmth of every sunstroke and one-by-one I kiss them onto my canvas. Gold, pink yellow blue and all in between.

This place, these faces, all love. Don’t stop dreaming.

Enjoy the crumbs of what is left of your dream.

What problem you ask…

“I didn’t.”

Happy tumbleweeds are never still … I want to dance with them! There is thunder in this soul, I won’t let youth and laughter go.

Still much left on both fields. His gaze ambles in the distance. Like a badly-tuned radio, I hear “don’t forget to love and be loved”.

Talent On Loan from God


I want the arrival of a single voice packed with sweetness and sincerity!

SOPHIAFINE  modern art