The Breath of Things 4×6 SOLD


Here my painting Speaks a Imaginary Language through a prism of tiny details and complexity of reality.

Esoteric path through interlaced maze of lives that echo each other and suddenly loom out of their solitude of being, caught in a theatrical Halo of light.

I jump-start the motion, and send a man flying to reach his Goal.

Exchange between the “Help me get up!” and “Do it! you can”.

Cloudy clusters of dreams being scattered on this tapestry, like dancing slender elfin forms.

In an elegant lively style the happy resident Guest Guru will tell stories in a Poetic glossary, splashing his words to be heard.

Winsome twist: an exotic creature is part of the show.

And am swinging on a swing making Happy! Kissing my Sky! sf
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