Sublimina 30X40 sold

Sublimina, 30x40

Sublimina, 30×40


Like a Horn O’ Plenty, a giant postman’s bag spilled a host of charming Images in physical forms creating an assemblage of charm that may change any time.

“Where are you going?”

A young woman murmuring softly serenely, walking toward you, but firm on her ground.

This painting wants you in.

Be a part of this curious fun! Cross the middle barefooted quietly.

You are a soft white ball swinging from side to side.

All at once, fairytale figures are jostling colorfully around you.

You’re part of a shimmering movement, with mysterious vibrancy.

Up left, a clashing graphic-novel scene evoked by love, “eternal love”.

On the right, a love triangle… Youth will win.

I draw the lines, you write the story.

I’m a Messenger of Fiction and Reality.

Stuff that keeps us all in tune.-


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