Lebenstraum 5×5 Sold



Five hundred fifty enigmatic installations from the inquiring mind of this artist, exclusively dedicated to beautiful minds that see and feel life beyond condemnation.
This is a place of shimmering drama and lots of color fun!
Allegoric sentence: a charming little girl with dancing feet offers a rose to a thinker that feels condemned to his zoomophoric existence.
Color euphoria Paradiso.
Color, there is this word again… ok, end of line.
From my mind to hand to brush is creative speed.. please nobody stops me, got lots to struck, and I did do!
Hello Häber, with a twinkle in his eyes and gusto on his lips… Zer Häber left his calipers on an âme empty chair to dance and sing to hearts’ content!
Follow his tune.. Merge yourself to this shimmering eternal exhibition.
You will forever stay in.
Whip was never like this..
Hip gap!

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